born 7 August 1974 in Sanok, in Poland

1989-1994 - State Secondary School of Fine Arts, Krosno, Poland
1996-2001 - Faculty of Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Poland
2000 - Scholarship at Ecole des Beaux-Arts et des Arts Appliques,
Toulouse, France
2001 - Graduation diploma with honours
2008 - employed as an assistant lecturer in the Sculpture Studio IV in the Faculty of Scuplture of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts
2012 – awarded the PhD degree


Awards, Distinctions and Exhibitions

2013 - group exhibition,
Frauenkulturzentrum Bielefeld Frauenkulturzentrum e.V. Meller Str. 2, Germany

2013 - individual exhibition “Obsession”, Galerie Kreis, Nuremberg, Germany

2013 - group exhibition “Corpo Femmina”, Nuremberg House, Cracow, Poland

2013 - individual exhibition “Krakow Girl”, mia ART GALLERY, Wroclaw

2012 - group exhibition, SILESIA ART BIENNALE,
Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland

2012 - group exhibition "Sweet disease", BWA Galeria Miejska, Tarnów, Poland

2012 - group exhibition "NOTTO - ROOMBOOK 4", Galeria ONAMATO, Cracow, Poland

2012 - group exhibition "Team", Haus of Cracow, Nuremberg, Germany

2012 - individual exhibition "Chapel of the Vagina", Gallery of sculpture Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, Poland

2012 - individual exhibition "Vaginatism", Centrum Promocji M³odych, Czźstochowa, Poland

2011 - group exhibition, The Fine Arts Association, Cracow, Poland

2011 - group exhibition "Power of Atraction", Cellar Gallery, Cracow, Poland

2011 - group exhibition "Saint M", Galeria ZERO, Berlin, Germany

2011 - group exhibition "Saint M", Galeria 011, Toruń, Poland

2011 - individual exhibition "Vaginatism", Galeria Nova, Poznań, Poland

2011 - group exhibition, EM Galeria, Drachten, Holand

2011 - group exhibition "Intimate rethink", Stowarzyszenie Fabrykancka, £ód¼, Poland

2011 - group exhibition "Brave Virgin", Art Agenda Nova, Cracow, Poland

2010 - group exhibition "Artifacts X - Unbearable materiality of existence", Gallery of Modern Art, Przemy¶l, Poland

2010 - group exhibition "Men are from Venus, Women are from Mars", Gallery Promoting Young BOK RONDO, £ód¼, Poland

2010 - individual exhibition "Pride and Prejudice", Sztuk-Pol, £ód¼, Poland

2010 - group exhibition, Salt Mine "Wieliczka", Poland

2010 - group exhibition “Women Artists Hail Men Artists”, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk, Poland

2010 - 6th International Visual Arts Festiwal "inSPIRACJE", Szczecin, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Draft", 2nd Young Art Festival in Szczecin, Poland

2009 - group exhibition, International Sculpture Triennale,
Poznań, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Sweet in Art", Galeria Sztuki Legnica, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Mother-Super Power",
Galeria Promocji M³odych, £ód¼, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Girls Egainst Boys", Galeria Szara,
Cieszyn, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Word Of Imagination Vol.2 ", APW Gallery, New York, USA

2009 - group exhibition "28 days ", Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland

2009 - group exhibition "Zakamarki", BWA Sanok, Poland

2008 - group exhibition "RYBIE OKO V", Slupsk, Poland

2008 - individual exhibition "A Lesson In Openness", BWA Sanok, Poland

2008 - group exhibition "SEXHIBICJA", Warsaw, Poland

2007 - group exhibition, The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Festival of Joung Artist "Draft", Szczecin, Poland

2007 - exhibition, Aachen, Germany

2007 - individual exhibition "PINK", Sanok, Poland

2007 - group exhibition, Gallery D'ARTE POLACCA "IL TEMPO", Bolone, Italy

2006 - individual exhibition, Centre of Polish Sculpture, Orońsko, Poland

2006 - group exhibition, International Sculpture Triennale,
Poznań, Poland

2005 - individual exhibition, Gallery "Schody", Warsaw, Poland

2004 - group exhibition, Gallery of Art Patio, £ód¼, Poland

2004 - individual exhibition, the Burzym & Wolff Gallery, Cracow

2004 - participation in the International Sthlm Art Fair, Stockholm , Sweden

2003 - group exhibition, Silkeborg, Denmark

2002 - City of Cracow Creative Scholarship in the field of sculpture

2001 - Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for distinguished design of the AD ASTRA sculpture

2001- Rotary Club Cracow-Wawel Award for distinguished diploma work - sculpture displayed at the ASP 2001 DIPLOMA Exhibition

2001- Academy of Fine Arts Graduates' Exhibition, Palace of Art, Cracow